Women: Can You Remove Unwanted Chin Hair?

If long strands of dark, coarse, or curly hair grow on your chin, you may use a razor and shaving gel to remove it. But if the hair on your chin grows back quickly, consult a cosmetic specialist soon. A cosmetic specialist offers a wide range of laser hair treatments to suit your needs. Learn why hair grows on your chin and how laser hair treatments can help you below. 

Why Do Women Grow Hair on Their Chins?

Excessive chin hair can be embarrassing and uncomfortable for many women today. Hair that grows on the chin and jawline can also be extremely difficult to remove with razors, shaving gel, and tweezers. Not only can chin hair grow back quickly, but it can also become thick, dark, and coarse over time.

Chin hair is vastly different from the vellus hair, or peach fuzz, on your face. Vellus hair tends to be soft and almost invisible to the naked eye. However, menopause, aging, and even pregnancy can change the way the vellus hair on your face grows. Vellus hair can become terminal over time. Terminal hair tends to be thick, long, dark, and coarse. 

As mentioned above, you can't get rid of chin hair with traditional methods. You want to use laser treatments to remove the hair on your chin. 

How Can Laser Treatments Remove Chin Hair?

Laser hair treatments use beams of light to remove hair and its follicles from your skin. Hair follicles contain the seeds, or cells, that allow hair to grow. If you remove the hair follicles from your chin, it may prevent new strands of hair from growing in it.

A specialist may need to examine your facial skin and chin hair prior to treating you. For the best results, the skin on your chin should be free of acne, scars, and other problems. The blemishes and defects can prevent the light emitted by a laser from penetrating your hair follicles and skin. If necessary, a cosmetic specialist will treat your skin before they administer your laser hair treatment. If your skin is fine, a specialist will administer your treatment.

Laser hair treatment is a relatively painless procedure. However, the heat released by the laser can irritate the skin of some people. If you suffer from sensitivity to heat, a specialist may apply a topical analgesic to your skin prior to your treatment. 

You can remove stubborn hair from your chin by contacting a cosmetic specialist today. Contact a local laser hair treatment service to learn more. 

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