Is Effective Skin Rejuvenation Truly Possible In A Non-Invasive Way?

Do many skin rejuvenation treatments seem more invasive than you're comfortable with? Skin rejuvenation is a broad term, and can encompass everything from dermal fillers being injected into your face, to chemical peels which elevate the acidity of the treated area in order to remove the dead upper layers of skin. But despite the fact that these procedures are common and effective, you could still be hesitant. Is it possible to have facial skin that's truly rejuvenated in a way that's truly non-invasive?

Non-Intrusive Results

Laser genesis might sound like an obscure sci-fi movie, but it's an advanced form of skin rejuvenation that offers outstanding results without feeling intrusive in any way. If having your skin stripped using an acidic chemical doesn't appeal, and you're not entirely comfortable with having anything injected into your face, laser genesis can rejuvenate your skin, with some fleeting redness being the only (very short-lived) clue that you've undergone a procedure. 

The Layers of Your Skin

Your skin has three layers; the epidermis (the visible outer layer), the dermis (rich in collagen and elastin), and the lower hypodermis. Laser genesis involves having your face exposed to a laser set at a frequency that targets your dermis. Gentle heat from the laser triggers extra collagen production, which helps to smooth your skin and reduce imperfections. Your skin is rejuvenated from the inside out, without having any foreign compounds introduced to your tissues (which is the case with dermal fillers). The pores on your epidermis may also reduce in size in response to the laser's heat.

The Production of Heat

Because a small amount of heat is utilized, your skin can appear to be slightly reddened after the procedure. This will resemble a very mild sunburn and will pass at about the same rate as a sunburn. No downtime or other recovery time is needed, and you can resume your normal activities for the day immediately following the procedure. 

Results and Follow Ups

Your dermis is being stimulated into producing extra collagen, and the results of this production aren't instant but will become increasingly prominent in the weeks following your treatment. Regular sessions are recommended for ongoing results, and the best schedule can be discussed at your initial session, depending on your skin type and the results you wish to maintain.

In terms of effective results achieved in a completely non-invasive manner, laser genesis is hard to surpass, and you'll never confuse the treatment with an obscure sci-fi movie again. For more information, contact a company like Masri Clinic.

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