Face-Lift Dermal Fillers Restore Lost Volume And Remove Wrinkles So Your Face Looks More Youthful

Face-lift dermal fillers could be the solution to your sagging and wrinkled facial skin. These fillers work best if your sagging skin and wrinkles aren't too severe yet, and they might postpone the need for a face-lift or brow lift. Here's why face-lift dermal fillers are better than having surgery and what's involved with getting the procedure.

Why Dermal Fillers Are Better Than Surgery

The main advantage of fillers is they don't require incisions or surgery. You'll be ready to go back to work quickly, and there is little need for downtime, although you might want to take the rest of the day off after getting fillers.

Fillers also cost less than surgery. Plus, rather than stretching your skin and giving you a windswept look, dermal fillers plump up your skin so your lift looks more natural and you look more like your younger self.

How Face-Lift Dermal Fillers Work

These dermal fillers work to lift your skin by plumping up the area around your midface and cheeks. Your midface tends to lose fat and volume as you age, and filler can be used to restore the full look around your cheeks.

A face-lift with fillers involves using a variety of fillers that have different effects. Some fillers work well with fine lines and others are better for deep wrinkles. Your dermatologist might use several different fillers to work on your eye areas, cheeks, lips, jowls, and wrinkles.

How Soon You Might See Results

Another advantage of face-lift dermal fillers is that the results are usually seen quickly. Some fillers have both an immediate effect and long-term effect due to collagen stimulation, but because the fillers are injected, they'll fill hollow areas and creases to give you an immediate lifted appearance.

What To Expect With Pain

Having injections in your face might be a little painful, but your dermatologist can use numbing cream before the injections to keep you comfortable. Some fillers use small needles, so the pain isn't too bad. Some fillers are given with injected anesthetic, so they aren't painful. If you experience pain, let your dermatologist know. Some people are more sensitive to pain than others, but your treatment session shouldn't be painful to undergo.

How Long The Results Could Last

Since different fillers are used for your face-lift, it's difficult to predict when you'll need a touch-up. However, after your dermatologist chooses the right fillers to use, they can let you know how long each one usually lasts so you can plan a date for a touch-up to help you maintain your look.

Face-lift dermal fillers usually last several months to a few years, depending on the filler chosen and how your skin reacts. However, unless your dermatologist uses permanent fillers, you can expect the fillers to be slowly absorbed over time.

For more information, ask your dermatologist about face-lift dermal fillers

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