Why Does Your Skin Sag Over Time, And How Does Restylane Help?

As people grow older, they tend to notice that their skin changes with their age. As you age, your skin is likely to become looser and sag, changing your appearance. You may end up developing jowls and see deeper hollows under your eyes and cheeks. Of course, wrinkles are another big part of aging skin. The good news is cosmetic procedures have come very far over the years, and there are now many options to resolve these concerns, like Restylane. If you're curious about this type of filler, here's what you should know about your skin's natural aging process and how Restylane helps to turn back the clock.

The Structures of the Skin

People often only think about the visible layers of the skin, but there's a lot going on under the surface, too. It's these elements that are generally responsible for the majority of obvious skin aging.

Under the skin on your face, for example, you have muscles, tendons, collagen, and fat. However, as you get older, muscles tend to weaken, tendons become looser, and collagen is lost. Many people also lose fat in their faces as they age, which may sound like a good thing, but since you can't control where it's lost, it can lead to your face appearing gaunt.

How Fillers are Helpful

Dermal fillers are designed to help give your skin a boost back to the level it used to be. In essence, a dermal filler is used to take up the place where the collagen used to be. If you think of your collagen as a sort of insulation for your skin that leaves behind an empty pocket when it's gone, the filler is designed to push that pocket up and outward like it was when it still had collagen at youthful levels. This allows your skin to plump up in areas where you want it to, like the cheekbones, under the eyes, and in the lips.


Not all fillers are equal, of course. There are many on the market these days, and each has several benefits to offer. However, Restylane is a bit unique in that it actually stimulates your body to produce new collagen.

Standard fillers help take the place of collagen, but they don't last forever. Once the body carries away the remaining amount of filler, your face will look like it did before the treatment. Of course, this may take a few years to happen, but it can still be discouraging. Restylane, on the other hand, stimulates your body to build new collagen, courtesy of its built-in hyaluronic acid. This same substance is often used on the surface of the skin to encourage new collagen growth, but it can be even more useful when it's placed into the body rather than just on top of the skin.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for cosmetic fillers, such as Restylane filler.

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