Three Things You Should Know About When It Comes To Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in America, as they are quick, easy, and have very few side effects while having quite a big impact on your appearance. However, many men and women still aren't that well versed with dermal fillers, as it is not as widely known as something like Botox. Dermal fillers can be a lot better for you than botox, in terms of both the procedure and the longevity of it, so many people prefer it (even though they achieve different goals). Here are three things you need to know about dermal fillers before you get them.

Different Types Of Fillers

While botox is all just one compound, dermal fillers can be a variety of different substances. Each has its own benefits, varying from the price to the finished look and so on. Some are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Your cosmetic professional will walk you through your options and discuss which one would suit your situation best. If you have a certain preference, always make sure that the cosmetic clinic you are going to offers that specific type of dermal filler as not all will offer everything that you read about online.

Can Be Used All Over Your Face

Dermal fillers are commonly used around the mouth, but they can be used virtually anywhere you want on your face. For example, many men and women who have scarring choose to use dermal fillers to help cover up these blemishes very effectively, without surgery. Some men and women prefer to shape the skin around their eyes a little more so that it looks less closed off from the rest of the face. Whatever your particular issue with your appearance may be, dermal fillers offer a solution that is very simple and easy to use.

Length Of Time

As mentioned above, some dermal fillers last longer than others, but it is important to know that the scale is much bigger than it is with botox. While the length of botox might vary depending on the person and the amount, dermal fillers range can be several years. That is a long time to commit to this look, and your cosmetic professional will likely walk you through how the filler will age with your face so that there are no unexpected results. If you are swapping from botox to fillers, just know that it is a very different type of substance that you cannot treat the same way. 

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