How To Have Permanent Makeup Removed

Permanent makeup is a really popular procedure right now. By using a type of tattooing process, your tattoo artist will be able to enhance your overall appearance, including adding eyeliner to your eyes, darkening your eyebrows, or even adding lip liner to your lips to give them more definition.  Although many people like their permanent makeup results, if you aren't satisfied with your results then you may wonder how on earth you can remove it.  Luckily, there are a few different options.

It Will Fade

Permanent makeup does fade over time and so if you like your results at first but don't later on then you can plan on them fading. Depending on where you got the tattoo done on your face and your skin color, your permanent makeup may last anywhere from three to five years on average. The tricky thing about having your permanent makeup fade though is that it won't fade completely; in fact, it will still be somewhat visible. 

You Can Have It Lasered

Just like with any other type of tattoo, the only real way for you to get rid of your permanent makeup is through laser treatment. Lasering works by targeting the pigment within the skin and then breaking it up. Depending on how well your skin responds to it will determine just how many sessions you need to see the best results. After your first appointment, your doctor will have a better idea of how well your skin respond.

Because laser tattoo removal tends to be painful, the good news about having your permanent makeup removed is that since the area being treated is so small, it won't take as long as other types of removal. Plus, the person removing you tattoo can always apply a numbing gel to the area being treated to help you get rid of any pain and discomfort. 

The last thing that you want is to have something on your face that's permanent and that you don't like. While you may have spent a lot of money having your permanent makeup done, if you're not happy with it then there's no reason why you should keep it. Although getting your makeup removed may seem like a lot of work, because there's only a small area of the face being treated it won't be much of an inconvenience at all. To learn more, reach out to an office near you that specializes in permanent makeup removal

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