Should You Do Something About Excess Abdominal Skin After Losing Weight?

When you've lived part of your life being overweight or obese, any kind of weight loss is worth applauding. However, if you lose a lot of weight, you'll often discover that you're left with loose skin from the excess weight you used to carry. For most people, this extra skin doesn't go away on its own, and it leaves you with the quandary of whether or not to undergo surgery to have it removed. Here's what you need to know about the problems that this skin can cause you and what the solution to it all is.

The Risks

The biggest problem with having excess skin is that it can actually pose a hazard to your health.

Excessive loose skin tends to rub on neighboring skin. This might not sound like such a big deal, but this simple process can cause irritation, inflammation, and even rashes, open sores, and infections. These types of wounds typically require medical treatment and can be dangerous if left untreated. Not to mention the fact that they're quite painful and unpleasant to look at, which can leave you feeling miserable despite your achievement of losing weight.

The Problem With Garment Treatment

One option that people often look to is to start using garments to treat the problem. That is to say, using things like shapewear to hold the skin up and keep it from rubbing on itself.

There are a few issues with doing this as a solution, however, starting with the fact that you can't wear shapewear 24 hours a day. Doing so will ultimately cause skin irritation and inflammation anyway, as shapewear doesn't breathe well and can accumulate dead skin cells and sweat — plus it tends to be uncomfortable.

Furthermore, wearing shapewear doesn't solve your problem — it's just a band-aid. You'll still have loose skin and it can still pose a risk to your health.

The Solution

The solution here is to seek out a reputable cosmetic surgeon and to start the process of having a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks remove the excess skin and connect the upper and lower belly again snugly, giving the appearance of a tight abdomen. This eliminates the risk of you developing sores and other problems from excess skin, and it can give a huge boost to your ego since your appearance will actually match your weight. As an added bonus, some people lose extra weight while undergoing the surgery, as skin does weigh a significant amount all on its own.

For more information, contact a tummy tuck surgery center.

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