Do You Need To See A Sinus Specialist?

Sinus problems can cause more problems than just difficulties with being able to smell or clear your sinuses out. When you have a sinus problem, you are affected in many ways. Whether you are born with a problem related to your sinus cavity or you have had surgery done in the past that has led to worsening symptoms, you can be in need of seeing a sinus doctor.

Do you need to see this type of doctor? Perhaps. If you have any of the following, use this guide to help you determine if a sinus specialist is what you need most.

You have had plastic surgery on or around your nose

Have you had plastic surgery or a nose job done around your nose or in your nose itself? Over time, the results of a nose job, rhinoplasty, or even a repairing surgery can cause your sinuses to worsen, which can make your sinus condition more apparent.

If you have troubles breathing through your nose or get recurring sinus infections as a result of getting a nose job or other type of nasal surgery, then you need to see a doctor who can give you special sinus treatment.

You keep getting recurring sinus or ear infections

Oddly enough, the ear canal and the sinus cavity are closely related. If you get recurring ear infections or have sinus issues all the time, then you may have a problem with sinus drainage or have inflammation that is chronic in nature and needs professional care.

This is especially true if common medications do little or nothing to help repair your situation or if you have been treated for sinus infections often enough that your doctor is concerned. If you worry about your sinuses or your general doctor does, ask to be referred to a specialist for further care.

You are irritated by your nose

Does your nose give you issues and make you feel like you are constantly having to blow your nose, clear your throat, or take special lozenges to keep your sinuses open? If this is the case, you may have more than just simple allergies or a common cold, you may actually have issues with your sinuses that need to be addressed. Your sinuses are an important part of your overall health and need to be cared for. In some cases, a specialist is the best person for handling your overall needs and helping you feel and look your best.

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