Dealing With Varicose Veins? 3 Things To Consider

Unsightly varicose veins are something that many find themselves dealing with especially as they get older. In fact, around one in five adults have varicose veins on their legs. These veins are found on the legs and are often a dark blue or purple color. They can have a gnarled or bulging appearance as well. In most cases, these veins are simply a cosmetic issue. However, they can be accompanied by aching and a heavy feeling in the legs. If you are dealing with varicose veins, there are treatment options available. Here are three things to keep in mind.

Treatment Options

The first thing that you should look into if you are looking to get rid of your varicose veins are your treatment options. One of the most popular options is sclerotherapy. This procedure involves injecting a solution into the varicose veins that causes the veins to scar and eventually close. Sclerotherapy is a great way to deal with small- to-medium sized varicose veins and has an average success rate between 60 and 80 percent. Other treatment options include laser therapy and surgery to remove the veins. Laser therapy is often successful for small to medium varicose veins, while surgery may be needed for larger veins.

The Cost of Treatment

Another thing to consider when it comes to varicose veins is the cost of treating them. Since varicose veins are often a cosmetic concern and not a health issue, medical insurance typically doesn't cover their removal unless they are causing you pain. The cost of treatment can vary depending on how many veins you have and the type of treatment you use. Laser treatment costs between $600 and $3,000 while surgery tends to range in price between $1,500 and $3,000. Sclerotherapy tends to be the most affordable option averaging around $360 per treatment.


After getting treatment for your varicose veins, some recovery time will be needed. Your recovery will depend on the treatment used, your overall health, and how many veins were treated or removed. In most cases, you will recover from your procedure within one to four weeks. After your treatment, you may notice bruising, swelling, discoloration, and even pain. In rare cases, you may end up with a blood clot or infection. It's important to follow your doctor's post-treatment instructions and to seek medical attention immediately if you have signs of a blood clot or infection.

If you are dealing with varicose veins, there are a few things that you should consider. There are a variety of treatments to choose from including sclerotherapy, laser therapy, and surgery. Costs can vary, but range from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars. Recovery time is typically between one and four weeks depending on how many veins are being treated and the type of treatment used. 

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