Consider These Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas After Your Tummy Tuck

After you have a tummy tuck procedure, you'll be impressed with how you look upon seeing yourself in the mirror. Whether you're keen to wear a two-piece swimsuit, a form-fitting dress, or just feel a higher degree of confidence when you're undressed, a tummy tuck can be the right procedure to accomplish these goals. While you'll be bidding farewell to your excess, saggy skin, you'll be saying hello to a scar that will run horizontally below your navel. The scar's visibility will fade in time, and you might be happy to see it as a reminder of your successful procedure. If you wish to cover it up, a tattoo is a popular choice. Here are some tattoo ideas to consider for covering up a tummy tuck scar.

A Quote

Given that the tattoo that will cover up your tummy tuck scar needs to be horizontal, a quote can be a perfect choice. There are virtually no limitations to how you can proceed in this manner. If you're religious, you may favor a line of scripture that has carried a special significance to you throughout your life. Another idea is a line from any poem that you enjoy, or to choose any other quote that resonates with you. A quote about transformation or rebirth can often be appropriate, given how you've relied on a tummy tuck to transform your body.

Tribal Artwork

Tribal designs work well in a variety of applications, and can be suitable when you're attempting to cover up the scar left after a tummy tuck procedure. Tribal artwork is a good choice because it can suit virtually any design sense — if you favor something thick that will all but eliminate the evidence of your scar, you can work with your tattoo artist to choose a suitable design. If you want something that is a little more intricate and that lets your scar remain visible but not be the focal point, you can move forward on this idea, too.


Another option to consider is a series of music notes that run horizontally across the scar from your tummy tuck. If you're a musician, you might think to go with a melody that you've written or perhaps even performed. Even if you don't play music, you can choose the notes to any of your favorite songs, or simply ask your tattoo artist to get creative with a note-focused design.

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