Count on Coolsculpting to Banish Fat from These Specific Areas

One of the best things about coolsculpting (a process that involves freezing fat cells in your body so that they go away) is that you can select specific areas from head to toe that you want to change. For many people, even a small amount of excess fat in a certain region can make them feel self-conscious. While others may hardly notice the fat that you carry in such areas, you may feel upset about it and struggle to burn it off through traditional means. When you schedule a coolsculpting consultation appointment, you can point out these areas to the cosmetic surgeon and he or she can offer feedback on how this coolsculpting procedure can help you. Here are some areas that people may wish to target with coolsculpting.

Upper Thighs

Women and men alike can be self-conscious about the fat on their upper thighs. The appearance of this area can cause them to especially be embarrassed when they're unclothed with a partner. Heavy upper thighs can cause more than visual issues, however. For example, your upper legs may rub together when you walk, which could lead to skin irritation, especially when it's hot outside. Coolsculpting that targets this area can slim down your upper thighs to give them the shape that you desire.


The front and back of the neck can store fat that you may seek to hide with clothing and even long hair. Attempting to cover the fat in this area in these ways can be tiring, as well as difficult. For example, you may have fat under your jawline and around your throat, as well as at the rear of your neck between your hairline and collar. The latter can especially be evident for men who wear ties to work, as the tightness of a collared shirt can make the fat stand out more.

Pubic Area

Your pubic area, or lower abdomen, can also store fat when you're overweight. This is another area that can cause you some embarrassment when you're with a partner, or simply when you're by yourself and are looking in the mirror to assess your appearance. Given the focus on this area during intimate moments, you might feel extremely self-conscious—perhaps even to the point that your love life begins to suffer. Choosing coolsculpting to change the appearance of this area can have a major impact on your life in multiple ways.

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