Don't Let Your Age Show: Why You Should Add Dermal Fillers To Your Beauty Routine

If you're tired of having your face give away your age, it's time to talk to your doctor about dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can give your skin a more youthful appearance by filling in those fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's feet. There are different types of dermal fillers, including hyaluronic acid, elastin, and collagen, and each type of dermal filler is administered differently. Dermal fillers that are injected provide the most visible results, with the results lasting longer than those that are administered topically. In addition, dermal fillers provide lasting results without the need for cosmetic surgery or extended down time. Here are just four ways that dermal fillers can improve your appearance:

Reduce the Appearance of Facial Scars

If you have facial scars, whether from accidents, acne, or even chicken pox, dermal filler injections can get rid of them for you. The dermal filler solution fills in the gaps left behind by the scars, leaving you with a more even complexion. One of the benefits of the dermal filler injections is that you can use the procedure to hide all the scarring that is making you feel self-conscious.

Create Fuller Lips

If genetics didn't leave you with naturally plump lips, or aging has caused thinning to your once-plump lips, you need to talk to your doctor about dermal filler injections, which will leave you with plump lips that look completely natural. Not only that, but the procedure will also get rid of the wrinkles that appear around the corners of your mouth as you age.

Increase the elasticity of Sagging Skin

If the aging process has left you with skin that sags, or cheeks that are now virtually non-existent, it's definitely time for dermal filler injections. As you age, your body stops producing collagen, which is needed for the smooth, youthful appearance your skin enjoyed when you were younger. Not only that, but your cheeks begin to sag, as does the rest of your facial skin. However, dermal filler services can enhance collagen production and increase the elasticity of your sagging facial skin.

Lasts Longer Than Botox

If you've been considering Botox injections as a way to bring about a more youthful appearance, you may want to reconsider. While Botox will give you the more youthful appearance you're looking for, dermal fillers can provide you with a couple of benefits that you might not have thought about. First, dermal filler injections last longer than Botox injections, which means you won't need to repeat the procedure as often. Second, dermal filler injections require less down-time. Finally, dermal filler injections won't leave your face with a numb sensation, so you'll still be able to enjoy all your natural facial expressions.

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