3 Tips To Prepare For Your Facelift Procedure

If you have a facelift procedure or another form of plastic surgery scheduled on your calendar, you are probably looking forward to what you will look like after the operation is completed. But the first few days or weeks immediately following the procedure can sometimes be rough as your body adjusts to the changes. If you want to ensure that your upcoming plastic surgery goes smoothly, here are a few tips that might help.

Step Up Your Nutrition Game

The first thing you need to realize is that your body will see any kind of invasive procedure as a wound that needs to be healed. You can help your body speed up this process by making sure that your body is getting the right kind of nutrition both before and after the operation. Take steps to ramp up your intake of vitamins A and C, and feel free to add in some copper or zinc when you can. Protein can also help your body rebuild muscle tissue. These are all nutrients that can lend assistance when your body is trying to heal or prevent infection to a wound.

Don't Exercise for 24 Hours Leading Up to Operation

Normally exercise is a good for the body, but keep in mind that your workout may also increase the speed of your bloodflow and elevate your pulse. Some people experience bruising on their face after a facelift operation, and a faster bloodflow can actually make this problem worse. Try to relax as much as possible in the day before the procedure, and continue to take it easy in the immediate aftermath.

Don't Be Afraid to Reschedule

Be mindful of the condition your body is in prior to the procedure. If you catch a cold or get the flu, your immune system will be working on the problem and won't have much left in the tank to try and help your body heal after the facelift procedure. Similarly, if you notice a problem with your skin, like sunburn near the area where the operation is to take place, you should again wait it out so you can go into the operation at 100 percent strength.

If you have a facelift or another form of plastic surgery scheduled, be sure to step up your nutrition game in the days prior to the operation. At the same time, take it easy to keep your pulse and bloodflow at regular levels, and don't be afraid to reschedule if you fall ill prior to the procedure. For more tips, reach out to your plastic surgeon today.

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