Tips For A Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery

If you are concerned about pain and discomfort after your upcoming breast augmentation surgery, follow these tips to help improve your recovery period:

Tip: Load Up Your Cupboards with Supplies Before Your Surgery Date

Since you can expect to have limited mobility and some physical pain after your breast augmentation surgery, you should load up your home's kitchen and bathroom cupboards with all of the items you will need for the weeks following your surgery. Take some time before your procedure to stock up on food and drinks as well as items such as toilet paper and over-the-counter pain and cold medications. When you are post-surgical, you will be happy that everything you need is already in your house and you won't need to risk carrying heavy items before your doctor clears you to do so.

Tip: Avoid Taking Your Pain Medication on an Empty Stomach

Both physician-prescribed pain medications and those you buy over the counter will cause upset if you take them on an empty stomach. Rather than risk feeling nauseated while you are also sore from surgery, make sure you always take medications after you have eaten something. If you are not able to eat full meals yet, then having a piece of toast or dry crackers is sufficient to stave off medication-induced nausea.

Tip: Don't Fall for Scar Prevention Cream Scams

If you are worried about post-surgical scarring, then you should speak with your cosmetic surgeon about it before or after your procedure. While there are many creams and potions sold online that claim to reduce or eliminate surgical scars, many do nothing and others may cause you to have an allergic reaction or to contract an infection. Rather than waste your money or unnecessarily risk your health, talk to your cosmetic surgeon and listen to their advice.

Tip: Try to Have Patience and a Positive Attitude

Finally, while it can be hard to have patience and stay positive when your body is having post-surgical pain, both will greatly improve your recovery experience. Patience is required because it will take your body time to heal, and trying to rush the process will undoubtedly cause unnecessary additional pain. For those times your positive attitude is lacking a little, try to remember that you had your breast augmentation surgery for a reason and once the post-surgical pain passes, your body will look like you have always wanted it to.

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