How To Deal With The Awkward Feelings During A Breast Augmentation Consultation

You have struggled and danced around the idea of breast augmentation for a long time. For men who have chest augmentation, exposing their chests is not a big deal. For women, it is a very different story. Women are supposed to keep breasts private and mostly covered (unless breast feeding). This creates awkward and uncomfortable feelings when you are considering breast augmentation. However, there are ways to deal with these awkward feelings when you make the decision to go in for a breast augmentation consultation.

Look above the Cosmetic Surgeon's Head During the Physical Exam

Remember how your teachers used to tell you to look over an audience's head when speaking? There was a point to that. Not looking directly into someone's eyes or face when you are nervous or uncomfortable helps you feel less nervous and less uncomfortable. During the physical exam, your surgeon will need to see, touch, and palpate all of your breast tissue to make sure you are healthy, lump-free, and verify if surgery is a viable option for you. When he does, look over his head at something on the wall and focus on that.

Book an Appointment with a Female Cosmetic Surgeon

When it comes down to female anatomy, a lot of women feel less awkward when the doctor is female herself. Another woman looking at and touching your breasts can put you at ease because you do not automatically associate the exam with anything sexual (as you might with a male doctor). If there is not a female surgeon in your area, you may have to travel a bit to get to one.

Get Used to the Idea Right Away

Think of it this way. If you are uncomfortable with a male cosmetic surgeon just looking at and examining your breasts, how are you going to trust a surgeon when you are unconscious? Go into the consultation knowing and understanding that this doctor is going to be the one handling your breasts while you are under general anesthesia, and then the initial consultation is nothing. Additionally, most doctors are very professional and do not make uncomfortable comments about patients' bodies in an exam.

Other Nurses and Doctors Present

If you are really nervous, request that a nurse be present in the room during a consultation. (Some doctors automatically have a nurse present to avoid lawsuits.) Realize that there will be other doctors and nurses in the operating room when your surgery is underway and take comfort in that. Anything untoward that happens will be witnessed by someone else, even though unprofessional behavior is quite the rarity.

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