Fat Transfer — A Worthwhile Partner Procedure To Liposuction

If you've ever looked at your body in the mirror and been frustrated with one or more fatty parts of your body, you might wish that you could move the fat from a given area to another area. For example, if your midsection is larger than you'd like but your backside is flat, you might dream of waking up with the excess fat from the former area now comfortably residing in the latter region. The good news is that this doesn't have to be a dream — it's possible to realize by getting liposuction and fat transfer. Many cosmetic surgery clinics that offer liposuction also offer fat transfer. This procedure takes the fat removed during liposuction and injects it in other areas. Here are some parts of your body that you might consider for fat transfer.


Many women long for having the same type of plump, curvy backside that some popular celebrities are known for having. Some women resort to buttock implants to achieve this look, but this procedure isn't necessary. Liposuction with fat transfer can help to reduce the size of one or more parts of your body, while distributing some of this fat to each side of your buttocks. The result can be the curvaceous booty that you've always wanted to see when you turn to catch a glimpse of yourself in a full-length mirror.


While the idea of having a plumper face might not be for everyone, the reality is that some people prefer the look of a fuller face. Over time, some peoples' faces can develop somewhat of a sunken appearance. By getting liposuction and fat transfer procedures done, you can slim up one particular part of your body — for example, your midsection, thighs, or even your backside — and have a small amount of this fat distributed to key areas throughout your face. If you're not happy with your flat cheeks and, instead, would prefer to have cheeks that are a little chubbier, this is the procedure for you.


Like having fat added to your face, you might initially wonder about having your own body fat injected into your hands. However, this is another common place for fat transfer after liposuction. You may be interested in this location if you aren't fully satisfied with the look of your hands. For example, if the skin on the backs of your hands is sunken slightly and your bones and veins are highly visible, the injection of some fat into this area can give your hands a full, healthy appearance.

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